Joanna tagged me with this meme. So here we go:

Rules * Answer at least three of the questions. Yes, I know a few look time-consuming and there are several of them. That’s why I only ask for three. See? I’m nice! * Post them and the rules on your blog, and please link back to me here. Pretty please *^_^* ? * Comment here telling me and the rest of our little party where you’re at and link to yourself. That’s all! * Oh yeah, don’t forget to tag others!

What’s the last book you read that you thought was really super, inspiring, you’d recommend it to most anyone?
Well let’s see: most books I read lately weren’t exactly Goethe 😉 I really liked „The Physician“ by Noah Gordon that I read several years back or „The Pillars of the Earth“ by Ken Follett

What food totally grosses you out, you’d never be able to touch it?
Besides frog legs and snails: I once saw a documentary on TV that they are serving carp in Japan that is still alive *Yikes*

Did you ever watch a scary movie that frightened you so much you were afraid of the dark afterward? I mean like you’re lying in bed trying to sleep, but you have to pee, but you’re scared to get up. It doesn’t have to be recently; could be when you were a kid. So what movie was it?
I remember seeing a movie on TV when I was a kid, something like „The fight for Troja“. There were several staked heads that really kept coming back at night. Nowadays it’s more the music that builds up to the suspense that has me on the edge 😉

Is there a song that makes you dance every time you hear it? Would you tap your feet and sing along to it in public?
There are several: „Music“ by John Miles, „My Sharona“ by The Knack, „Sie mag Musik nur wenn sie laut ist“ by Herbert Grönemeyer

Tattoos: yes or no? Do you have any? Tell us! Do you think they’re gross? TELL US!

When’s the last time you laughed so hard your ribs ached and/or you nearly peed yourself? What made you do it?
Actually I am a rather humorous person so that can happen A LOT. Usually when we are in the company of our neighbours the conversation gets rather funny.

Draw or doodle a picture of your pet(s) and post it if possible. Nothing fancy, don’t be shy.
Sorry, can’t doodle or draw.
Do you still sleep with a stuffed animal? We won’t laugh
Well, if there is a stuffed animal in my bed it would be my daughter’s.
Feel free to take that meme if you like 😉

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